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Placeholder ImageAwhile back I listened to a message by Pastor Craig Groeschel titled “God With Us.” He preached from Psalm 84 and talked about how sometimes we really know God loved and cares for us on the mountaintop, but in the valley we sometimes question it. It got me pondering:
The valley is a journey that you can’t pitch your tent in and dwell. It’s a wandering journey, one you have to keep traveling, because it’s not a journey that lasts forever.
As I think about the valleys of life I’ve been through, I think about what I thought and felt. Deep down I knew God loved me and was with me, but it wasn’t making the journey to my heart. What stood out to me the most were those who entered into the trenches with me. Through them, God healed my hurt and encouraged me to continue in the journey to the mountain top. And those same people who entered the trenches, rejoiced on the mountaintop.
If there’s one thing I want to make a point about it’s this: enter into the trenches with a fellow brother or sister. Sometimes it takes you climbing down to where they are to help them start the journey up. It takes the hope that’s built on God’s faithfulness for them to see that He provides the same for them too. And in those moments that the valley gets to muddy and murky, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus and trudge through with them.
Please understand that I’m not discounting the presence of God, and the importance of Him never leaving you—but, there’s something about entering into the trenches that makes someone see that they do matter. That they are loved. And that they’re not walking this alone. It helps to have someone help you repair your armor, to restore the cleats on the bottom of your shoes of peace so that you can dig into the side of that muddy mountain and advance against the enemy to the mountaintop.
We need each other. And if more people entered in instead of letting people just wallow in the miry clay, there would be more well digging in the valley in hopeful anticipation that their journey through that valley is almost over.

8 thoughts on “Enter In

  1. You know what is interesting? I find the more God (and others) bring me through dark times, the better I am to walk back into the darkness to help others. And yet, there is still so much of me that wants to avoid the hard times altogether.

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  2. Wow, this is such an important message. I’m struck by the observation that those who were in the trenches with me were really the only ones who could fully appreciate the joy when I came back up. We get uncomfortable with other people’s pain, but it’s so important!

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